Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today a high school in our neighborhood was hosting a carnival.  So we asked Elle if she wanted to go ride the ponies, of course the entire morning, and all the way to the carnival she was squealing and laughing with excitement.  So we got there and the first thing she got was a sticker from the fire department.  She thought that was pretty cool.  She got to have her face painted too.  She was excited at first, then she wasn't so sure about it when they started painting, but she sat still.  When they were done and showed her in the mirror she couldn't stop smiling.

Of course the highlight of the entire carnival was the pony ride!  They totally spoiled her because there weren't very many people there.  So her ride was like fifteen minutes long.  She couldn't of been happier.  It wasn't as fun for me, walking around in a small circle that whole time.  But she loved it so I was happy.  All she kept saying was that she was like Jessie and Woody riding Bullseye.  They are from Toy Story 2, her favorite movie.  She was so happy.
Our little firefighter for a day!
Okay, this really should have it's own post.  This is our favorite thing in the world right now, besides each other, the one and only Philly cheesesteak sandwich!  We cannot believe how good this is.  We go to this restaurant at least once a week.  Everyone should be able to taste this masterpiece.  So when you come to California you need to hit Philly's Best.  Get a cheesesteak with onions and "wiz"(cheese wiz).  You will not regret it, and you're welcome!

Sea World Baby!

We have had such a fun week.  On Thursday we were able to go down to San Diego and visit Sea World for the day.  It was awesome weather, which made sitting in the "Splash Zone" that much funner.  We got to see the Shamu and seal shows.  Elle just loves seeing all those animals that live in the ocean.  She fed the dolphins and was able to pet them.  She was freaking out, she just loved that.  By the late afternoon she was completely exhausted and fell asleep.  So we headed home.  We finished the day off with Outback for dinner.  Which made it that much more of a happy ending.

Having a little peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the Shamu Show!
The killer whales would just come right up to the glass and watched Elle.  It was really cool to see.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Introducing the New and Improved--Nate

The past few months I've been working out and eating healthy, besides the few Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches I've been enjoying.  So I decide to show everyone how good my body looks.  Don't laugh, but I've really worked hard for this.  If anyone needs any help getting the body they want, just give me a call.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elle's Birthday

Elle is two years old; and just incase you missed pictures of her birthday party on our old blog I will add them to this one.  We had a little BBQ at the park with all her little friends.  All the little girls got to run around in little tutu's and her friend Clayton got a super hero cape.  I know she had a blast, and she was totally spoiled.  Especially by Chloe Joe!  Her and her Mom, Sandra, flew all the way from Utah just for her birthday.  Boy is that little girl of ours loved.  She is so close to all her sweet little friends down here.  We love them all.  They have all been so good to us.   Thank you all so much for making it such a great day for her. We really have loved living here in California and getting to know all of you.  

Just a little side note, I had a ton of help making Elle's cake.  My sister in law, Lisa, talked me through it over the phone.  Thanks Lisa, love ya tons!

Fun in the SUN!

I heard that out in Utah today it was snowing.  Now I am not trying to make anyone jealous, but it has been great weather here.  We have gone swimming twice this week already.  So I thought I might give you all a glimpse of our beautiful day at the pool.  

Nate just started his internship at the Ontario Airport today.  He will be going every Tuesday for 4 hours.  Today he was in a simulator.  He was able to get an idea of how his job as an Air Traffic Controller working in the tower would be.  He came home pretty happy.  I think he is really going to enjoy his career.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just to update you all, the newest thing in our lives is, we have started potty training our sweet little girl Elle.  She has been doing great so far.  Only two accidents in one week, pretty good, huh?  She got to pick out her potty seat, and of course it is a pink princess potty.  She loves to sit on it and read and practice her alphabet.  But, her favorite thing of all is that she gets to wash her hands all by herself after she is done.  Lately it seems like that is the way she wants to do everything.  She is always saying, "I do it myself Mommy, please?"  She is so independent and cute!
Alright everyone, we have decided to make it that much easier for you all to see our beautiful faces. We have switched from our Mac blog to blog spot! All of you out there that have it, have inspired us with you cute blogs.