Monday, June 2, 2008

Leah is here!

Nate finished his last days at Best Buy, and we decided we should go to Utah a little earlier then planned.  So we were packing up our car the night before we left, and I got a call from my best friend out here, Vikki.  She was calling from the hospital.  She had just had her baby!  It was two and a half weeks early, I thought I would miss it for sure, because of the trip.  I was so happy we got to see her beautiful baby girl, Leah, before we left.  Although that just made us miss them that much more.  I just want to share that happy news.  I will get some pictures soon and post them.  She is so cute.

Our trip to Utah

Well Utah was such a blast.  Elle had so much fun seeing all her cousins and Grandparents.  Nate's sisters Lisa and Jen came into town while we were there too.  So we got to see almost everyone.  It was nice having so much time so we could play with everyone.   We are excited to not have to say goodbye for so long anymore.  Our offical move out date is the 12th!  We are going to be staying with my Mom for a few months.  We are so excited.  Elle loves "Grammy's" house.  But back to our trip there are a lot of pictures to see, so enjoy.

Elle had so much fun with all her cousins.  They played great together while I was doing hair.    Of course a little ring-around-the-rosie!

Yummy cake with Kaitlynn!

She played so much this trip I think it caught up to her.  One minute she was watching cartoons with Daddy and the next she was out in this uncomfortable looking position.  So sweet!

We visited Grandpa Thomas' grave for Memorial Day. 


That night our new little niece Ainsley was blessed.  Elle just loves her.  From the second she met her she was asking to hold her.  She will be such a great big sister some day! 

Alright, lately our little Elle thinks that every time she bumps into something or gets hurt at all, she needs a band aid.  We were at Grandpa and Grandma Smith's, and Grandpa decided to humor her with this ace bandage.  I thought she would hate it and maybe not ask for a band aid as often, but no, she loved it and wore it for the rest of the night.  Even while she was eating cake with Kaitlynn.  She is so silly and cute.
Our first visit to Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house she was totally spoiled with ballon animals, which she loves!  So she was helping Grandpa with the balloons here.
I think Nate has just as much fun as Elle does when my Dad is creating the animals.  He is always watching in awe, he is so cute, my little boy!
Elle was very excited to show Grandma Thomas when we got home.  She didn't need any help bringing them all into Grandma's room.  See how spoiled!  I think she is loved, a lot!

Of course I have to throw these pictures in even though nothing was going on she is just so beautiful!
I don't think you could get any cuter!

We had so much fun.  Thanks everyone!
We will see you soon.