Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th!!

This year was one of the best Fourth's of July ever!  We did so many fun things and spent so much time with people that we love.  

First, the night before, we got our spot at the 4th of July parade in Provo.  So my sweet husband, who doesn't even like parades, camped out for Elle and I and our family and friends to hold our spot.  Luckily Derrick, Jen, Cecily, and Ainsley kept him company all night, thanks guys.  
Elle and Daddy pretending to sleep.  We actually went home and slept in our beds.

So early in the morning Elle and I met up with Nate and we watched the hot air balloons launch.  Elle was in awe the entire time.  She loves balloons as it is, but to see a ton of "giant" balloons, she was in heaven. 

Her favorite was the strawberry one.
We ran into Chloe, Mike, and Sandra.  Elle was very happy to see her best little buddy.

At the parade Elle wanted to hold her little cousin Ainsley the entire time.
Elle and Cecily holding their cool leaves.
Elle and Ashley were "twins" for the day.
Of course she loved the Curious George balloon.

After the parade we all took naps, then went to a yummy barbecue at Chris and Dixie's house.  We ate tons of delicious food.  It was a blast.

Thanks to my Grammy and Grandpa we were able to go to The Stadium of Fire.  Which Elle and I were very excited about because Miley Cyrus was preforming.  I don't know how excited Nate was for Miley, but he did love the Blue Man Group and the fireworks.  This is Elle trying to see if "Hannah" was on stage yet.
Nate and I both thought this was so beautiful.
There she is!!  Elle wouldn't take her eyes off the stage.  She loved dancing and singing the songs she knows.  After every song was over she would turn to us and ask "What's next?"
Dancing away!   

We are so thankful to live in our great country, and enjoy our freedoms everyday.  We are also so thankful to all the people who fight or have fought for our Nation.
God bless America!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vernal, baby!

We got to go to Vernal for a week so Nate could help Kimball build a huge garage.  So Elle and I were able to play with with Lisa and Ashley.  Elle had such a great time with Ashley, she asks for her everyday now.  Thanks for being such great hosts Lisa and Kimball.  Here are just a few of the fun things we were able to do.

Dress up time!  Elle just loved being able to dress up like Jessie, from Toy Story!  The boots were her favorite.  She has been asking for a pair for the past few months.
Howdy, partner.  Isn't she adorable!
This was her first time on a tramp.  She was scared to death at first, obviously!
After about ten minutes she was all smiles, jumping all over the place.
After a while she was all tuckered out.  Isn't that such a cute picture of my two favorite people?
She got to ride on the Kubota with Daddy!
She even stayed up late a few nights and watched movies with Ashley! 
We did some fun crafts.  This is her with a handful of beads.  She was very excited.

She made a star.
The girls had so much fun painting too.  Even though she is not smiling.  She doesn't like to smile for the camera yet.

This was the first time she ran through the sprinklers.  She was a little nervous.   But very excited.
Ashley loved to tease Elle by spraying her with the water.
Elle wasn't so sure about that.  I thought it was pretty cute.
Elle and Ashley took turns being the doctor for each other.  It was very funny to watch.
Elle insisted on laying down when it was her turn to be the patient.  So, so cute!
Here is a picture of my friend Vikki's beautiful family and their new baby, Leah!  Isn't she beautiful!  Their family is being sealed in the temple on the 12th of this month. 

 We just wanted you to know how proud of you we are.  You are an amazing family.  We just wish we could be there for your special day.  We miss you so much and can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Vikki, Scott, Hannah, and Leah

Look at that face.  It is to die for.

Living with Grammy!!

Since Nate hasn't gotten a job yet, we are living with my Mom for a few months.  We have had a great time so far.  Elle just loves to see Grammy, Grandpa, Bethy, and the dogs every morning.  Here are just a few cute pictures of the things we have done.

This was our first encounter with Costco's roasted chicken.  Holy cow it is good.  Elle just dug right in.
We bought new bikes and a bike trailer for Elle this year.  She absolutely loves it.  It was obviously a long ride that night.
We moved back just in time for the Orem summer fest.  The parade was great.  We had a blast.  Thanks everyone who came with us.
We filled up Beth's old pool for Elle.  We swim almost everyday.  This day we were able to swim with my sister Sarah and sweet baby Kelly.
This was the first time in the trailer.  She loves her helmet just as much as the trailer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving Day

Nate Graduated!!!
I am so proud of my awesome husband! He finished school with the highest grades in all his classes. What a good student. It was a tuff year and a half going to school full time but he did it! He is going to make one incredible Air Traffic Controller.

With Nate's graduation came the time to move back to Utah. We have counted that as his graduation present, because he was so happy to come home. But moving is a lot of work. Luckly, we had amazing help from our strong little girl Elle, and our great friends!

I couldn't believe how much fun an empty moving truck could be.
This much fun......(see how strong!!)
With work gloves she was ready for anything.
Until her best friend Hannah came over, then they just hid in a box and played.
All worn out from our day of moving.

Catch up time!!

I know, I know I have been a huge slacker. Our lives have been pretty crazy this last month. I am determined to catch up though. So I am going to start right where I left off, Father's Day.

We did Father's Day a little early this year for my man. Elle and I decided we wanted to take him deep sea fishing (it was mostly Elle's idea, hee hee!). But seeing how we were moving back to Utah before Father's Day, we opted to do it the week before. He had no idea. It was very fun to surprise him. I had my Mom come into town to babysit sweet little Elle. (Thanks a ton Mom!)

I woke him up at 4am and we set off to the beach.
This was our spot on the boat. Pretty much perfect.
There were seriously over one hundred dolphins swimming around our boat. It was incredible.
We both ended up catching one fish each. It was so much fun! This is our friend Patrick filleting Nate's fish for us.

I hope you had the best Father's Day ever, babe. You are one amazing Dad and Husband. Thanks for everything that you do, and how much you love us. We love you to pieces.