Saturday, September 20, 2008

Okay, I have decided that I need to post more often.  Whenever I sit down to blog there is always so much to talk about.  We are having too much fun. 

So most recently I ran my first 5k with my brother Chris!  We had a blast.  It was for a festival in Pleasant Grove.  I have been running with my friend Sasha almost everyday since we moved back, so I decided it was time to run a race.  

So that means in the next 5k we run, Sasha you better run with 

My brother and I before the race.

This is the fastest I have ever ran 3 miles before, 27 minutes!  I was proud of myself.  Chris did amazing, he finished in 24 minutes!

I had an awesome cheering section!  Nate, Elle, Sasha, my Mom, Rob, Beth, and Dixie all came out to support us.  Sasha even made me a sign!  Thanks guys.

The next newest thing. . . 
Elle started dance class!  She is taking a jazz, ballet, tumbling, and singing class at Center Stage.  She absolutely loves her teacher, Brittany.  She is so much fun to watch.  SO CUTE!

This is her dance

A cute little video of her on the balance beam.  

We went and had a BBQ in the canyon with the family, and Elle got to roast her first marshmallow.  She didn't like the smoke very much, but she sure loved the marshmallow after!

Helping Daddy!

I loved this picture of Elle, Kaitlynn, and Jaxon!  Having so much fun in the mountains.

We were lucky enough to have my friends from California come and visit.  We had such a good time having Vikki, Hannah, and Leah stay with us for a short visit.  We loved seeing Cassandra, Maurina, Aubrey, and Cody too.  We went to the Thanksgiving Point farm country with everybody.. 

I love this picture of the kids on the scale at the petting zoo.

Nate's sister, Brenda and her family came from Chicago for a long visit before they move to Thailand for a year!  This was the first time we got to see her new little guy, Thomas!   He was such a little stud.  He pretty much smiles all day long and you can't help but smile at him.  We are so glad we got to see them before they moved.  We can't wait to come and visit you in Thailand! (We wish!)

This is Elle holding Thomas for the first time.  She loved playing with him and all his toys.  He looks huge compared to her.  
She was always so excited to see Brenda and Jacob when we came to Grandma's house.  We miss you guys already!