Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby #2

For those of you who don't already know. Nate and I are expecting our second baby. I am 11 weeks now. We are so excited for Elle to be a big sister!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So done with January

Well, let's just tell you all about our month so far.  
New Year's Eve was a blast.  We spent with Nate's brothers and sisters.  We ate so much yummy food and played games all night.

Then came my birthday.  I was totally spoiled by my hot husband and adorable daughter.  They had an entire spa day set up for me at the Kura Door Spa in SLC.  My day started with a 
Japanese soaking bath.  It was so relaxing.  Then I was treated to a body scrub and wrap.  While I was wrapped up I was given a hair treatment and scalp massage for half an hour.  Then I showered and came back to the room for a 90 minute long massage. (Are you jealous yet?) Next, I ate a very delicious lunch of sushi, salad and oranges.  Then the esthetician came and got me for my oxygen facial.  I finished off my day at the spa with a full pedicure.  It was absolutely incredible.  
I came home to my sweet little family in bed.  Elle was very sick with an awful cough and Nate had the stomach flu.  It was very sad.  So we just cuddled all together and watched movies the rest of the night.

So the next day is when it got way worse.  
We didn't sleep at all, with Nate being sick and Elle not being able to get comfortable.  So Sunday was our nephew's blessing.  So I decided to go by myself and let the sick ones sleep.  Later that night when I was home our little Elle started breathing very rapidly.  She wasn't able to catch her breath.  It was so scary, so we called her doctor right away.  He told us to bring her in immediately.  They checked her oxygen levels right away and they were so low they admitted my poor baby to the hospital with pneumonia.  It is the scariest thing ever when your child can't breath and has to be in the hospital for any amount of time.  She was so brave though.  We were there for 3 days and nights.  Thank you for all your calls, visits and prayers. 

We are so glad she is home now.  Here are some of the memories.

Elle's first night.  She was so tough.  She didn't cry when she got her IV.  It helped that we had great nurses who made her feel safe.  This picture just makes you want to cry though.

On the second day she was able to get off the oxygen and just get treatments every couple of hours.  So we were able to get out of the room and go on walks.  Any time she left her room she had to wear one of these masks.

Her cute little hospital gown.  Nate's work was so great and let him take time off so he could stay with us.  I don't know what I would have done without him there.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit. It helped make Elle feel more at home and comfortable.
The hospital gave Elle a doll she could color on.  It had an IV just like her.  This is her giving her doll medicine to feel better.

She was starting to feel better the day before we left.  
There is that sweet smile we had missed so much.

Back to her normal silly self.  
On the day we got to go home she learned how to go cross-eyed.
So funny!

We have been home for a few days now.  She is still on an antibiotic to make sure nothing comes back, but she is doing great.  We are being a little over protective until she is off the medication, we just don't want her to ever go through that again.

Christmas Day

Christmas was so great!
We spent the night at Nate's Mom's, and had Christmas morning at her house.

This was Elle's look of pure joy as we came down the stairs and she saw some of her gifts for the first time.

Family picture.

In her tent.  Well, stuck to her tent.  We had to untangle her hair from the zipper.

Such cute rain gear from Grandma Thomas.

The one thing she has been asking for from Santa was tools.  As you can see she didn't put them down all morning.

Elle's Stocking Time!

Daddy's stocking time!

Mommy's stocking time!

Daddy's surprise!

Then we headed over to my Mom's for a very yummy prime rib dinner.  It was so so good.  After dinner we opened even more presents!  Elle got the cutest PJ's and fun tinker bell bath toys and lotions.
Next, it was on the Grandpa and Grandma Smith's.  
Where we got even more gifts.  Talk about spoiled.
My Grandpa Smith was a great artist, so my Dad carved one of my Grandpa's sketches onto a piece of wood for each of the grand kids.  It is so beautiful. 

We had an amazing Christmas!

Everything in between Halloween and Christmas

Lets begin,
We celebrated Nate's 28th birthday on the sixteenth of November!  He started his day by going shooting with the boys and having a great time.  Then Nate and I went and stayed up at the Little America in SLC.  We went to Tucanos for dinner then caught a flick.  Then next day we went to the Sunday brunch.  It was so good!
Nate went hunting with Kimball this year so Elle and I decided to give him his birthday present a little early so he could take it with him.  He got a Garmin gps.

Happy Birthday Babe, we love you!

Thanksgiving came next.  We had such a great dinner at Trish and Scott's house.  All the kids had so much fun too.  They made a huge tent outside and played in it for hours.

Cute picture of most of the cousins in the tent.

Then came December. 
 We did so many fun things this season.  It was a such a fun Holiday because Elle understood a little more about our Saviors birth, and of course Santa.

We went to the festival of trees with Grammy and Beth and had a blast!
Elle loved the kids corner.  Every craft they had, she did.  It was cute watching her have so much fun.  Here are just a few of the fun booths.

Coloring and giving Santa a beard.

She made her antlers and also got a tattoo on her cheek.

We got to be inside a huge bubble, which if you can see her face she didn't like.

Elle got to sit on Santa's lap for like 30 minutes because the camera broke and then they lost her picture.  Luckily Santa is Elle's best friend.  She could have sat there all day.  She just talked his ear off.  It was very cute.  We have lucked out, she has never been afraid of Santa.

We made it up to the Salt Lake temple this year.  It was so beautiful.  Elle and her friend Chloe had a great time together.  They are getting so big.  They would have just gone off by themselves if we would have let them. 

Best buddies!

Her dance teacher put together a little Christmas program for the parents.  It was adorable and funny.  Elle's favorite part was the make up.

Her and her friends getting ready to start.

Elle's solo of the ABC song.

Since we are back in Utah, we had to take advantage of the amazing snow we have had.  

This is one of our new favorite pictures of Elle.  She is so pretty.

Elle and Daddy cruising down a very steep hill.  As you can tell they both loved it.

Making an adorable little snow angel.

And, her favorite part, eating it all up!