Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Easter!

We stayed in Vernal this Easter and celebrated with Lisa, Kimball, Ashley, and Ruby.
We had so much fun going to the Vernal City egg hunt, coloring eggs, making cupcakes, and having our own egg hunt on Easter.

Elle and Ashley getting ready to run for all the candy at the city hunt.

Coloring eggs!
She would have chosen blue for every egg if we let her.

Lisa had the dang cute idea of making Easter basket cupcakes.
They were so cute.
Elle was so proud of her creation.

Easter morning!
Elle got some really fun things from the Easter Bunny and her Grandmas.

She found so many eggs and little prizes on our family hunt.

A couple of days after Easter the library in Vernal held a Sock Puppet Buffet!

It was adorable, and this was Elle's creation.
It depends on the day but it's name is either Fifi of Pom Pom.
So creative.

This is a random photo of my big belly that my friends in California requested. I am six months pregnant.
Elle is going to be such a great big sister. She always hugs my belly and talks to her baby sister.
At night during family prayer she always blessing her baby sister to grow strong and healthy.
She is a sweetie

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Month of Firsts

We have had so much fun trying new and fun things this month! Here are just a few.

Beth's birthday party was at Classic skating this year. So, obviously, this was Elle's first time skating. It was hilarious. We had so much fun teaching her. This was the position that she was in the whole time she had regular skates on. So cute.

Finally getting the hang of it with the clip on skates.
So big skating all by herself.

Elle and Grandpa's first time bowling on the wii. Elle was hilarious to watch so enjoy the movie.

First time flying a kite.
She loved it. It was a kite with a barbie face on it. Elle kept saying that she (the barbie) wanted to come down and give her a hug. It was pretty cute.

Now Nate's turn.
This is his first time in full gear to go dirt biking. He and Kimball are going this weekend. Even though I am worried sick about him going, he does look pretty dang cute all geared up and ready. Hopefully we will have some pictures of him on a bike soon.

This is also our first time living next to a pasture of cows.
It has been so much fun watching more and more baby cows show up every day. Funny how cute they are when they are little, then they grow up.