Thursday, May 7, 2009

A bunch of RaNDoM things!!*

ElLe's pIctUreS

We got Elle's pictures done for her third birthday. Here are a few of our favorites!

Don't you love her nail polish. Lol.
I didn't even think about that.

PRinCeSs BiRthDay ParTy

Elle was invited to her first birthday party without Mommy.
She had a blast, Mommy had a hard time without her though.
She is getting too old.

She made me take a picture of her posing like this. Not joking. She felt so pretty.
It was very cute.


We had our first experience with Geocaching, and loved it!
We told Elle we were going on a treasure hunt, so she had a blast too.

This was on our way to our first find. It was a little bit of a climb, but very exciting.

We found the treasure!
It is in between the two huge rocks.

Opening the treasure box.

We did a lot more "caching" that day.
It is a very fun thing to do as a family (and it is free).

DiNosAuR LaNd

We finally made it over to the dinosaur museum in Vernal!
It was a good time.

Elle and I under "Little Foot's Mom".
That is right, Elle loves The Land Before Time.

There is a fun little section for kids with puzzles and games.
Elle's favorite was digging for bones.

Elle and Daddy posing for a picture between the two Dinosaurs. If you can see her face she is crying because of "Sharp Tooth", again Land Before Time.