Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Fun

We have done lots of fun little things this past month.

Elle and I spent a week out in Orem without our main man, Nate. We missed him so much. Elle decided that when Daddy got back we all needed to go on a date together. She decided all by herself that we should go to Cafe Rio for dinner and then go bowling.

Elle is a very good and independent bowler.
She wouldn't let us help her carry her ball or anything.
She is just so cute.

After almost every one of her turns, this was her reaction when her ball hit the pins.
It was so funny!

On Memorial Day we went to the cemetery with Nate's Mom and Diane

Our little fam in front of Nate's Dad's grave.

We also got to go four wheeling!
Mike and Sandra invited us to go with them. We all had so much fun. This was Elle's first time and she had such a great time. We all did. Thanks for the invite you guys and if you ever need anyone to go with you again just let us know!!

It was such a beautiful day up in the mountains.

Elle loved helping Daddy steer once in awhile, most of the time she just leaned forward on her hands and enjoyed the ride.

Lisa and Kimball's ward in Vernal has an awesome BBQ every year.
This year we got to go.
They roast a huge pig every year. Doesn't it look delicious?
It actually really was so good.
Elle loved telling everyone that we had a pig for dinner.

After dinner they let out a ton of live chickens and bunnies for all the children to try and catch. It was hilarious! They told everyone that if they caught one they got to keep it. Of course Elle caught a little bunny. Luckily, everyone wanted the little bunnies so someone took it off our hands. It was such a good time.