Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are you ready for this

Okay, I know it has been awhile since I last posted, so I thought I would catch you all up with like fifty new posts. Not really fifty but there are a lot. So I hope you enjoy them.

This post is of my sweet chubby little Audrey. She is almost three months old and absolutely adorable.
So I was blowing on her little belly today and she started giggling! It is the most adorable sound I had to post both of the videos that my Mom helped me take. She is such a happy baby. We just love her to death!


I am so happy to have my two girls. I love them to pieces and I am so glad Elle loves her baby sister.
Here are just a few cute pictures of them.


We blessed little Audrey a few weeks ago. It was such a beautiful special day. Thank you to all our family and friends for sharing it with us.

Audrey's announcement

Our new family.
Notice who Audrey is looking at, she can't get enough of her big sister.

What an angel

Daddy and Audrey Bear

I can't believe how much we love our girls. They are both so sweet and really good. We are one lucky Mom and Dad!

Stewart Falls

Our first outing with little Audrey bear! We decided a little hike would be fun. So we chose Stewart Falls. It was gorgeous. The weather was perfect and Elle had such a blast.

Just notice how clean Elle was at the beginning.

Elle stopping to take a picture. Notice the dirt slowly climbing up her legs.

Then she took off running again. She did so great. She walked (ran) the whole way by herself. She is just so tough!

Elle walking in the freezing cold water. Notice her five o'clock shadow, ya, that is dirt. How she got this dirty I don't know. Good thing she had fun.
Cute picture of my cute man and my cute girl.
Running down the path.

Smith Family Reunion

So this summer was the first annual Smith Family Reunion. So we went up to Antelope Island. It was the first time Nate and I had ever been there. It was so much fun. There were so many little activities to do, yummy food, and just plain old fun with the family!

It was very cool seeing all the buffalo.

Just a dang cute picture of a dang cute girl.

Yet another family picture.

This is Elle with her Great Uncle Mark, playing a little ball. One of the fun activities going on.
It was such a fun day we can't wait until next year.

4th of July

We had a great Fourth of July! This is one of my favorite holidays.

Daddy and Elle snacking on their apples while saving our spot at the parade.

Elle and Mommy throwing pops while saving our spot at the parade.

Elle and Chloe Jo enjoying themselves very much at the balloons

Family photo

Elle and Ashley enjoying their breakfast at the parade.

Elle and Kaitlynn having fun watching the parade together.

Elle looking so cute dancing around with her sparklers!

It was such a great day.

Hogle Zoo

We had to make a trip up to the zoo of course. We had such a good time with Grammy and Bethy. This was one of the best times I have ever been. We saw so many of the animals up close and walking around.

Here is Elle with her new kitty.

Elle's favorite part of the zoo.

She is just so cute. She loved watching the crazy monkeys.

The classic zoo picture. You always have to get one drinking from the lions mouth.


We spent another fun weekend up at the cabin with Lisa and Kimball, Jason and Sasha, and the kids. We ate lots of great food(as usual) and got to relax and play.

Elle roasting a yummy looking marshmallow.

Elle devouring that yummy marshmallow in an even yummier s'more.

Nate took Elle fishing for the first time and she caught a fish! It was so cute. She was very excited.

Even though it is so beautiful up there, we still love all the extra naps you get to take!

Another fun thing, Kimball invested in the game, Guitar Hero. As you will see we have some major rock stars on our hands.

That is one cute girl band.

She sure loves to rock out to a little Metallica!

It may look like Nate was teaching Elle but I think it might be the other was around.

Swimming Lessons

Alright, you are on the last new post.

So early this summer Elle was able to take swimming lessons. Vernal has this amazing indoor pool. She loved swimming every day except the last for some reason, but she did great.

Swimming with her face under the water.

Cutest back float I have ever seen, that's for sure.

The high light of the entire process was her jumping off the diving board, (with a little assistance) to her teacher waiting in the pool. Then her sweet attempt to swim back to the wall with a life vest on that was bigger than she was. I think she meant to do the back stroke all the way to the wall. So cute, and funny!

Well, congratulations, you are now up to date with the Thomas Family!