Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stewart Falls

Our first outing with little Audrey bear! We decided a little hike would be fun. So we chose Stewart Falls. It was gorgeous. The weather was perfect and Elle had such a blast.

Just notice how clean Elle was at the beginning.

Elle stopping to take a picture. Notice the dirt slowly climbing up her legs.

Then she took off running again. She did so great. She walked (ran) the whole way by herself. She is just so tough!

Elle walking in the freezing cold water. Notice her five o'clock shadow, ya, that is dirt. How she got this dirty I don't know. Good thing she had fun.
Cute picture of my cute man and my cute girl.
Running down the path.


Janice said...

How fun - pretty picture of the falls. xo

Alisha H. said...

She looks so much like you Michelle!